• Use Social Network Connections to Increase Site Engagement

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    by Michael J Procopio

    Wouldn’t it be cool if your website could show users who work for your company that they are connected with? You can with a bit of programming.

    It has been said by many before me that with social media, marketers need to make friends with their IT staff, because so much of the value of social media is in the APIs (application programming interfaces) of social networks.

    I’m not going to teach anyone how to program this is more about examples of what you can do with a programmer.

    What if someone came to your company website and could see all of their first level LinkedIn connections at the company or connections from Twitter or Facebook.

    I was just looking through the LinkedIn APIs and found it would be pretty easy to do, even with the new limits of 250 calls per day to the APIs without being vetted.

    Once the user give you permission to look at their profile, which they would do by logging to LinkedIn from your site, your program can see all of their first level connections including the company those connections work for. A simple search for your company name in the list of people returned and like magic you have the list of folks that this person knows at your company.

    This allows the user to easily find one of their connections to talk to, who they presumably trust more than the marketing department (see Edelman’s most recent trust survey barometer).

    If you have engaged your employees as advocates, your employees will put your products and services in the best possible light. Even if there isn’t a good fit your company will become more respected for the honesty shown.

    So get a box a cronuts for your IT friends and get them coding for better engagement.


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