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    by Michael J Procopio

    Office space for rent We of often hear of owned, earned and paid media. Own media is under your full control, for example your website. Earned media is that given to  you by others, for example user generated content or a news article about your company. Paid media is advertising.

    So what about places like social network such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube?

    You don’t own them, just ask the many people who have had their accounts yanked by a social network. And they are not paid, accounts on all the social networks I know of are free.

    They are sort of rented space. I know we normally think of renting as something that involves payment but renting does factor in the owner can kick you when they don’t want you there any more which is what happens when a network pulls your account.

    You could say squatting but that implies you are there without the owner’s consent which is not the case.

    Rented space can be great just look at how well companies are doing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook to mention the big ones. But the temporary nature of rental is why you need to have your own place on the web, your website or your blog and drive people there. When the landlord decides you are no longer welcome you won’t loose everything.


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