• Are You Using LinkedIn’s Social Business Network to Its Full Potential?

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    LinkedIn Social Business Network

    LinkedIn Social Business Network

    by Michael J Procopio

    Are You Using LinkedIn’s Social Business Network to Its Full Potential for your  business? LinkedIn is somewhat unique in that it is solely focused on being a business network. If it smacks of fun, you won’t find it on LinkedIn.

    There are three things you need to be successful on LinkedIn.
    First you need a great profile. You want your profile to say “I can do the job for you” whatever your job is. In the first piece Kristina Jaramillo tells my co-author Natascha Thomson and you, three tips to make your profile more confident.
    Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile in 3 Simple Steps

    In this Google Hangout on Air, Kristina Jaramillo answers the question: Can you share three quick tips on optimizing a LinkedIn profile
    Second, not everyone is going to come to you – you will have to track down some of them. I’m not suggesting you should find someone, call them up and sell, sell, sell. But finding them following them and figuring out what help they might need and providing is a nice way to introduce yourself.. The second piece covers how to find prospects on LinkedIn.
    LinkedIn Prospecting, How to Find Your Next Customer on LinkedIn

    Do you use LinkedIn for your business? Are you wondering how to use LinkedIn to find prospects and customers? To learn about how to build…
    Third is engagement. If you can’t engage the prospect you found in the above items, your stuck. Content will really help.

    Cover: 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing


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