• Differences in Enterprise Social Networks

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    This is an interesting article on how two key differences in enterprise social networks can be the difference between success and failure. Tom brings up social workflow and integration as two of the key differences between enterprise social networking products. Clearly in time, everyone will have a similar feature set but today when the technology is new you need to look for vendors with these features.

    Where the Differences Lie in Enterprise Social Networks

    By Tom Petrocelli |  May 1, 2014 As more companies look to enterprise social networks to help boost collaboration, taking the first step can be difficult. Deploy the wrong enterprise social network and no one will use it, providing little to no value. Get it right and barriers between functional silos will fall and teams will operate with greater efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness. The difficulties that companies have had in deploying enterprise social often start right at the beginning. It’s not hard to understand why choosing a product can be tough since most enterprise social networks look almost identical. All the basics [Read more…]

    — from CMSWire

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