• Crowd Funding in the Social World

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    buy instagram followersCrowd funding has been around a long time, but in the past it has mostly been used in times of trouble. Whether that trouble be to a single person (death of a fireman) or mass tragedy (earthquake).

    With the advent of social media, amassing a large number of people to fund things has taken a different turn, that is funding ideas. Much like days of old where artists had benefactors, sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo help people get their art or ideas off the ground. In some cases millions of dollars have been raised.

    A friend of mine, Tyler Smith is going through the process right now via Indigogo with his new venture Vivoalert.com. Vivoalert is an SMS based service that lets a first responder text a number in and get back medical information like allergies and notifies whomever you designate.

    While setting up the campaign was easy, you have to start your work before you set up the campaign. Whether you want $5K, $50K or $5M you still need to marketing your idea. Tyler said, “You want the supporters you know of to understand your service and offering before you set up the campaign so when you pull the trigger they are ready to buy Instagram Likes and give you a good start.”


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