• Calvin Zito, Title: Blogger and Social Media Strategist

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    by Michael J Procopio

    Calvin Zito social media strategist and bloggerCalvin Zito’s title is Blogger and Social Media Strategist. He works for a Fortune 500 company. He is primarily a content creator but also, because of his background in social media is asked, “what next?”.

    Having worked with Calvin, my opinion is that he is a thought leader in the area of social media. He clearly lead our group to better blogging and better engagement.

    Social media in large companies is difficult, but Calvin did an exceptional job.

    In this audio interview he covers:

    · How he got into social media.

    · The shift from having a 6 figure budget to almost no budget and blogging.

    · The changes since 2009, marketing management understands that blogging and social media has value.

    · How, after a brown bag lecture, he found the value of Twitter.

    · His management of a LinkedIn group.

    · His thoughts on Google+.

    · The addition of video into his mix.

    · His latest thing, whiteboards. (hpstorage.me/HPChalkTalks)

    · Blogger outreach collecting bloggers in one location and do show and tell either an public event or a company site.

    · and more



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