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    by Michael J Procopio

    communityI’m doing some work with a very large company that has many product lines. They have a branded community with boards for many of the product areas. One group was asking for their own board. My question to them was “Who’s going to look after this on a daily basis?”

    If you build it they won’t necessarily come.

    Would you go ┬áto an area on a community that had no posts to post your questions? Most wouldn’t. This is the part many people miss in building community. YOU have to take a lot of time and effort at the beginning to make the community work.

    That means posting article and commenting on them. Posting questions and answering them (not from the same ID). You need to make the board look vibrant and well traveled so that when others do come along they see something they want to post to.

    Eventually you build up a group of users and some of those are super users. It is the 1-9-90 rule. 1% of the users are rabid posters, 9% will comment on posts and 90% just lurk. It is a basic rule of social media. Dr. Michael Wu (@Mich8elWu) of Lithium used years of data on their client networks to verify this about three years ago. He has written multiple posts on the topic here.

    Finally once you have a large enough community it become self sustaining where most questions are answered by members. You’ll still need to check in, but it will be less than half the work you had to do in the beginning.

    From personal experience I can tell you if you build it and then don’t tend to it, the community will stay a ghost town.

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