• Create Brand Advocates to Improve Customer Relations

    by  • 4 February 2014 • social business

    by Michael J Procopio

     Brand advocates are believed more than company marketing. I believe that is the basis for this article though not stated. Why is this? Think about Mad Men, the show about advertising in the 60’s. Think about all the news you’ve seen about research on how shoppers can be manipulated. None of this helps a company’s marketing efforts. 

    On the other hand if you are in, say, a coffee shop and bump into an employee who is very positive about the company and the products you are more inclined to believe the message.

    Empowering Employees with Social Media Improves Customer Relationships and Grows Revenue

    Employee empowerment is about creating brand advocates to scale customer relationships and effectively compete in new digital markets. Organizations can no longer rely on inbound and outbound sales reps, people willing to jump through hoops and obstacles via call centers, or traditional marketing to boost awareness and demand. Customers demand engagement, in real time, and that takes human beings, training, and support.

    The article talks about the San Francisco Chronicles training employees to use social media to connect with customers.

    Why more companies are not training their employees to be brand advocates is beyond me. Worse many companies prohibit employees from talking about company matters, breading yet more distrust. Read on to see what can be done and the positive results that can come forward.


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