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    by Michael J Procopio

    The phenomenal Altimeter Group has come out with another Social Business report.

    My view of the findings.

    Social Anarchy still exists. The report says only 26% of organizations approach social media holistically. Couple this with only half of the executives are alighted with social strategy and it becomes more clear why. In part this is because in large organizations some silos are moving faster than others and sometimes push the envelope leaving corporate behind.

    One must ask why the executives aren’t behind social. I believe it is because social teams aren’t making strong financial arguments. That said I recognize it is not easy to do, but it is doable.

    Social is a movement I don’t believe will stop. On the other hand it is hard to fault executives who aren’t seeing a financial benefit.

    Another highlight, on the positive side, is that more organizations are moving to hub and spoke model (2010 18%, 2013 23.6%). The hub and spoke model is very scalable and this shows movement in the right direction.

    Dedicated staff up and in 13 different departments. If we, in part, define social business, as having the whole organization being social, this is perhaps the best news in the report.

    Two other insights are that top priorities are social education and scaling. Conversely lack of education is one of the problems the report brings up.

    Education is the easier of the two to fix. However the real goal should be engagement. I’ve educated a lot of folks who never take the next step.

    Scaling is a more difficult and potentially more expensive problem to solve. Scaling typically involves technology which can be very expensive and is often on a per use basis. It also involves getting more employees and advocates engaged.






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