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    Differences in Enterprise Social Networks

    by  • 1 May 2014 • social media • 0 Comments

    This is an interesting article on how two key differences in enterprise social networks can be the difference between success and failure. Tom brings up social workflow and integration as two of the key differences between enterprise social networking products. Clearly in time, everyone will have a similar feature set but today when the...

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    Altimeter Report on Social Business

    by  • 16 March 2014 • social business • 0 Comments

    Research courtesy blech

    by Michael J Procopio The phenomenal Altimeter Group has come out with another Social Business report. My view of the findings. Social Anarchy still exists. The report says only 26% of organizations approach social media holistically. Couple this with only half of the executives are alighted with social strategy and it becomes more clear...

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