• Colleges Use Social Media to Recruit Students

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    by Michael J Procopio  This is a case study about Kent State and CSU using social media along with traditional list purchase to attract high school students. The research shows 90% watch video, 70% listen to streaming radio and 25% are mobile only. It required a shift in advertising to get students attention. Not...

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    Building Community Takes Time and Effort

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    by Michael J Procopio I’m doing some work with a very large company that has many product lines. They have a branded community with boards for many of the product areas. One group was asking for their own board. My question to them was “Who’s going to look after this on a daily basis?”...

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    Altimeter Report on Social Business

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    Research courtesy blech

    by Michael J Procopio The phenomenal Altimeter Group has come out with another Social Business report. My view of the findings. Social Anarchy still exists. The report says only 26% of organizations approach social media holistically. Couple this with only half of the executives are alighted with social strategy and it becomes more clear...

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    Crowd Funding in the Social World

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    crowd funding

    Crowd funding has been around a long time, but in the past it has mostly been used in times of trouble. Whether that trouble be to a single person (death of a fireman) or mass tragedy (earthquake). With the advent of social media, amassing a large number of people to fund things has taken...

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    Embedding Google Plus Posts

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    Google plus embed post

    by Michael J Procopio Did you know you can embed Google Plus posts in your blog? Here is an example, of a really cool table. As you can see it was originally shared by Lucy Lui, the actress.   To get the embed code, put your mouse pointer at the upper right of the...

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    Create Brand Advocates to Improve Customer Relations

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    Empowering Employees with Social Media Improves Customer Relationships and Grows Revenue

    Employee empowerment is about creating brand advocates to scale customer relationships and effectively compete in new digital markets. Organizations can no longer rely on inbound and outbound sales reps, people willing to jump through hoops and obstacles via call centers, or traditional marketing to boost awareness and demand. Customers demand engagement, in...

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    Michael Griego on Thought Leader Life 007

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    Michael Griego

    by Michael J Procopio In this episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL5kPZGAeRk) Mitchell and Michael talk with guest thought leader Mike Griego about social selling and taking on a fresh perspective in sales and marketing in the modern era. It focuses on improving today’s sales people by evolving into thought leaders. Thought leadership in sales is being able...

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    Robert Galinsky Guests on Thought Leader Life

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    by Michael J Procopio Robert Galinsky an inspirational speaker, social media connector, and creative coffee muse is our guest on Thought Leader Life. He recently crowd-funded fifty thousand dollars to develop Coffee The Musical, which he plans to take to Broadway and license internationally. Galinsky is a critically acclaimed writer, performer, and entrepreneur. He is sought after...

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    Laura Mackey on Thought Leader Life

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    Laura Mackey

    by Michael J Procopio Saturday’s (11 Jan) guest is Laura Mackey (@laurasmackey). She will talk about creating thought leaders in a Fortune 100 company and describe the metrics they use to measure success. Laura Mackey currently manages social media content and influencer relations for the software division of a Fortune 100 company. Laura has...

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